• 4U Sanitary Pads Regular Ultra Thin 10 Pads

4U Sanitary Pads Regular Ultra Thin 10 Pads

  • $6.49
Australia's first customised sanitary pads with various specification that enables a reasonable mix according to your menstrual cycle.

Made with 100% natural cotton in both core and cover materials to give a soft and gentle feel on the skin.

4U sanitary pads contain NO fluorescent materials, essence, chlorine, formaldehyde and harmful chemicals.

4U sanitary pads give an air-thin feeling and are light and free.

They are carefully designed with special high-tech breathable, double-sided cover to keep you clean and dry at all times.

Environmentally friendly, natural plant glue is used which leaves no residue on the surface.

4U sanitary pads provides 40 times more absorbent to efficiently lock the fluid and prevent leakage. They intimately fits to the natural curves of your body.

All 4U sanitary pads are individually packed with double materials, packed into resealable outer package that is designed to keep away allergens, bacterial and moisture.